One hundred years after the 1916 Rising and the city is alive with national cultural appreciation at an all-time high and patriotism in abundance. There are some really spectacular exhibitions in our fair city because of it. Here are the top 5 most accessible and free exhibitions to get you in the patriotic mood....

1. Proclaiming a Republic, National Museum of Ireland

This exhibition boasts a fully comprehensive view of the 1916 Rising, with the social, economic and cultural background being explored. It concentrates both on the political dimensions of the event as well as the personalities involved – describing the main events of Easter Week, outlining the locations of the garrisons and highlighting biographical details of the leaders. The Museum also contains an original copy of the Proclamation of the Republic, as read by Pádraig Pearse outside the GPO on Easter Monday.

2. 1916 Rising Centenary Exhibition, Glasnevin Cemetery

The story behind Glasnevin Cemetery, and those buried there, is central to the history of the 1916 Rising. The majority of those killed during the 1916 Easter Rising are buried in Glasnevin and this exhibition tells the stories of those who participated in and witnessed this defining moment in Irish history. From volunteers to fusiliers and everyone in between, these personal accounts are told using objects such as letters, photos and previously unseen material. It also includes a re-enactment of Padraig Pearse’s rousing graveside oration at the grave of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa.

3. Witness History, The GPO              

The General Post Office played a central role in the Easter Rising of 1916, serving as the rebels’ main headquarters and sustaining several (still visible) bullet holes as a result. This iconic building will open a Witness History Exhibition and Visitor Centre to the public from March 25 this year.

4. Commemorating The Women of 1916, Richmond Barracks

Richmond Barracks will re-open on May 2 to showcase a highly anticipated exhibition, centred around the women of the Rising. The barracks have been restored in recent times in order to provide a multimedia exhibition centre for this commemoration.

5. Kilmainham Gaol

If there was ever a time to be a true Irish tourist and visit Kilmainham Gaol, it is right now. The gaol is being regarded as being quite remarkable as it is one of the biggest unoccupied jails in Europe. As such, it gives the visitors a dramatic and realistic insight into what it was like to be confined at that time. This tour offers a panoramic look into some of the most profound and inspirational themes of modern Irish history.