Guinness Storehouse Dublin Arthur Guinness purchased Rainsfords Brewery here in 1759 and began brewing his famous “Porter” which is now produced around the world at the rate of over 10 million glasses each day. Located on Crane Street, in the heart of Dublin’s Liberties, the Guinness Hopstore, a converted 19th century building, should be part of any visitor’s itinerary around the city.

The Hop Store is an ingeniously converted warehouse that contains an impressive multimedia presentation on the history of Guinness, which highlights its contribution to Irish social and literary life. This presentation is complemented by the brewing gallery that depicts the traditional and contemporary methods of making Guinness. Although there’s a lot of old equipment and a fair amount of technical information, it all slips down as easily as the familiar pint. Visitors can enjoy a free sample in the Gravity Bar, an the end of the tour, & observe a 360 degree  panoramic view of Dublin.

Visiting Hours

GUINNESS STOREHOUSE is open 7 days a week from 9.30am – 5pm (last admission is at 5pm). Late opening during July and August until 7pm (last admission is at 7pm).

Guinness Storehouse may be reached on foot from The Anchor House B&B in about 40 minutes. See attached map & instructions. The LUAS Tram may also be used from The Central Bus Station to St. James's Hospital, which will save time.

Directions to Guinness Storehouse Dublin

Distance Instruction
0.0 1   Depart Gardiner Street Lower on R802 [Gardiner Street Lower] (South-East) for 30 m
0.1 Bear LEFT (East) onto R105 for 80 m
0.1 Take Local road(s) (RIGHT) onto R105 [Memorial Road] for 0.3 km
0.4 Turn RIGHT (West) onto R105 [Georges Quay] for 0.5 km
0.8 Road name changes to Local road(s) for 20 m
0.9 Road name changes to N4 [Aston Quay] for 0.6 km
1.5 Turn LEFT (South) onto Parliament Street for 0.1 km
1.6 Turn RIGHT (West) onto N81 [Lord Edward Street] for 0.3 km
1.9 Bear RIGHT (West) onto R108 [High Street] for 0.2 km
2.1 Keep LEFT onto R810 [Cornmarket] for 0.9 km
3.0 Turn LEFT (South) onto Echlin Street, then immediately turn LEFT (East) onto Grand Canal Place for 0.2 km
3.2 Road name changes to Pim Street for 60 m
3.3 2   Arrive Market Street South, & Guinness Storehouse pedestrian entrance. Legal car parking spaces may be few. City Council may clamp illegally parked cars.