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Reviews in August 2011

sandro mansueti (Italy) - 28-08-2011
The location, courtesy, good price. The location is very nice

Joseph Lamanna (USA) - 23-08-2011
Very nice B&B in a good location right near the bus station. Staff was friendly and helpful.

VITO DE CANZIO (Italy) - 22-08-2011
Highly Recommended!!!! In nine days not one problem! Next time in Dublin...Same place!!!!

Isabel Fernandez Aguero (Spain) - 22-08-2011
Good experience. Highly recommended.

Kim Kirkevold (USA) - 20-08-2011
Location was very convienent to the bus, shopping and restaurants.

Collin Gyles (Canada) - 18-08-2011
The staff are very welcoming and friendly and the room and facilities were charming and very clean.

Past Guest (Germany) - 18-08-2011
Nice, straightforward help with any questions.

Heike Sansoni (Germany) - 09-08-2011
I liked it very much, even the service was friendly - each of you! Thank you.

Maria Helena Moore (Argentina) - 06-08-2011
Everything. Next year we will visit you again

Past Guest (Belgium) - 06-08-2011
Reception and peaceful night. Also taxi service

Diane OConnell (USA) - 04-08-2011
Overall great! Loved the room.

Bryan Nicholson (Canada) - 04-08-2011
We liked the location of the guesthouse. We were grateful for the parking even though it was an extra cost. We appreciated that we were able to park the extra night even though they were only prepared for one night as we had not clearly indicated our need for two nights parking. We liked that they could answer our questions easily and were helpful and informative. Definitely enjoyed that owners/staff were down to earth.

Past Guest (Netherlands) - 03-08-2011
Friendly staff, very central, good irish breakfast.

Michael Reichl (Austria) - 03-08-2011
It was our 6th visit in Dublin, but the first at Anchor House. And it was the best. The staff is extreme friendly and competent. It was like coming home. we will come again.


Click here to view a Certificate of Excellence awarded to The Anchor House B&B in 2010, from TripAdvisor. We try very hard to keep a high standard of comfort for our Guests.

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