The House of Lord’s Dublin.

The House of Lords Dublin

The House of Lords, Bank of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.

The House of Lords of 1801, Dublin

“The House of Lords” is a short walk from The Anchor Guesthouse. It is situated across the Street from Trinity College, & may be worth a visit. It remains preserved in what was constructed as the first purpose Parliament in the world. It was constructed between 1729 & 1739.

The Parliament was controlled by the wealthy Protestant Gentry of the times. The members of this Parliament were eventually convinced & paid by their British Master’s to vote themselves out of existance in 1800. This allowed “The Act of Union” to be passed. The centre of power then moved to London from Dublin. Better control of the Irish was enabled.

Preserved details from the former House of Commons, Dublin Ireland

Portico detail, Bank of Ireland, College Green

Georgian Dublin fell into decline, as the Aristocracy relocated to London. Many fine buildings of the era fell into vacant disrepair. Many fine houses became subdivided and split into multiple tenement family dwellings, for the impoverished native population.

The Parliament House was purchased by “The Bank of Ireland” in 1803. One condition of sale was that the building be altered, so that no Parliament might ever sit in the Building again. The Lower house of Commons was dismantled, and became what is now “The Banking Hall”.

The upper “House of Lords” escaped change, and remains preserved, as do the building Interiors, except for The Banking Hall.  It is free view to anyone who cares to visit, and many free Lectures are given in The House of Lords about itself.

The former House of Parliament, now The Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin, Ireland.

The Bank of Ireland, containing the preserved House of Lords of 1801

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