Dublin Zoo

When in Dublin, …take time to Enjoy Dublin Zoo!

Dublin Zoo Gorilla & baby

Dublin Zoo Gorilla & baby relaxing

Dublin Zoo first opened its doors to visitors in 1831. It continues to be a most popular visitor attraction, for both children & adults. Our teenage children, & their cousins & friends continue to always enjoy a visit to Dublin Zoo!  It is probably best to plan a morning arrival to Dublin Zoo, because there is an awful lot to see & do there, which might take the best part of a day, when there is enough time allowed for the experience! Click the attached Dublin Zoo Plan for a printable plan, to better observe the layout & the facilities of Dublin Zoo.

The easiest way to reach the Zoo from The Anchor B&B is via the 46A Bus from outside the Dublin Bus HQ, which is situated beside The Spire on O’Connell Street, 5 minutes walk from our front door.

The Zoo is spacious, & lots of the animals spend their days in spacious recreated environments, to mimic their natural habitats. The “African Plains” area best demonstrates the spacious environments shared by the Rhino, Giraffes, Ostriches, Gorillas, Chimpanzees & Hippopotamus’s. It is a most pleasant environment to walk through, & to enjoy. The large cats, & some wolves can be safely observed in the Asian Forests.

Dublin Zoo Lioness

A large Dublin Cat

Don’t miss the public fun during feeding of the Sea Lions each day at 14:15. It is always entertaining to observe the intelligence & the tricks which the Sea Lions perform so easily. Their reward for each trick is a fresh sea fish from Dublin Bay.

Dublin Zoo has many picnic areas, Restaurants, & Childrens Play areas.

We can prepare for you a packed lunch for your relaxing day at Dublin Zoo, ask us on the evening before your visit, to ensure that it will be prepared for an early morning departure to Dublin Zoo.

Dublin Zoo was created in 1831 by the Zoological Society of Ireland to promote a greater appreciation of animals. The founders believed that a knowledge and understanding of animals would reduce “the spirit of cruelty and selfishness which leads us to seek amusement in the suffering and destruction of the most beautiful, harmless, and happy of sentient beings.” Dublin Zoo continues to be managed by The Zoological Society of Ireland as a charitable organisation.

Grizzled Spider Monkey

The Spider Monkey smiles for my picture?


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